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Exporting and international trade

The Department for International Trade (DiT) works with UK-based businesses to ensure their success in international markets by helping them to export their products and services overseas. UKTI has professional advisers both within the UK and across more than 100 international markets.

Market guides

Exporting is Great was an initiative launched in November 2015 and is designed to empower UK SMEs to take advantage of the global appetite for British products, skills and expertise in markets around the world.

In partnership with major British businesses, the programme supported companies at every stage of their exporting journey - from identifying opportunities to winning contracts overseas.

As the world becomes ever more globalised and digital, the potential for you to reach out to new customers and lucrative new markets beyond the UK has never been greater.

Whatever your sector, there’s a market out there for your products or services. That goes for established markets, like the European Union (EU) and US, and high-growth markets such as Brazil, India, China, Colombia, Indonesia and others.

Visit the Exporting is GREAT website to:

  • search and apply for live export opportunities
  • download your essential guide to exporting
  • sign up for business events near you
  • find expert advice and services to get you started.

You can also contact them by: 

Open to Export

Is a community-driven service for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) looking for support to grow internationally by exporting from the UK. Companies can work together and share information, advice and support about export market opportunities and means of entry.

The information, answers, advice and articles on Open to Export are all composed by the site's users, community and key contributors.

You can find out more on the Open to Export website. 

You can also contact Kerry Bailey, International Trade Advisor:

Ways to contact business support

The best way to contact us is through our online form so we have the right information to help you as quickly as possible. Contact us by: