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Consultation - proposed new council resolution

On 28 October 2020 the Licensing Committee approved a Draft New Street Trading Resolution - which you can find in the related documents section of this web page - to cover street trading throughout the Ashfield district.

This resolution is intended to compliment our recently introduced Street Trading Policy - which you can find in the related documents section of this web page - by designating all streets within the Ashfield district as 'Consent Streets'. This means that street trading cannot take place without the council have first 'granted consent' to the carry on his / her business from the proposed location.

Previous Street Trading Resolutions had the effect of making all streets (save for 15 locations) in the District 'Prohibited Streets', meaning that no street trading could take place from anywhere other than those 15 specific locations.

Our aim is to encourage potential street traders to be able to choose their own locations that would be best for their businesses to operate from, and not be restricted to just the current locations that have been adopted, most of which are already occupied, as we believe that street trading offers something extra to
customers, and adds vibrancy to our district.

Our policy already provides protections for residents, existing businesses, the environment, and the cultural history of the area, by way of the following 7 restrictions that are in force, so applications will likely be refused if they are for locations that are:

  • in close proximity to a place of worship
  • in close proximity to a place of education
  • in close proximity to a place of healthcare
  • in close proximity to a place of cultural or historical local / national significance
  • in close proximity to primarily residential properties
  • in close proximity to a business offering the same goods / services
  • likely to undermine the safety and / or convenience of the general
  • public and / or road users.

We are running a consultation until 20 December 2020 and would welcome your comments as to the proposed New Resolution.

Respond to the consultation

You can submit your comment by 20 December 2020 by:

The Licensing Manager
Ashfield District Council
Urban Road
Kirkby in Ashfield
NG17 8DA.