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Hucknall shop front improvement grant scheme - Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to submit my accounts?

There are Panel members who are accountants; you will need to submit your latest accounts to enable the Panel to see how your business has performed over the last year.

Why can’t I use cash to pay for my work?

If you pay for any items or work which has been undertaken using cash, there is no way of proving that you have actually paid for those items. Even if you show a cash withdrawal from your bank account, it is still not evidence that the cash has paid for the items listed on an invoice.

My business is registered at my accountants address in Ashfield, does that mean I can apply for a grant?

No - you can only apply for a grant if your business is trading from an address in Ashfield.

How long will it take for my grant to be paid?

All payments are paid directly into your business bank account via BACS. Your bank details will be required on your application form. Assuming that all the correct paperwork has been submitted (invoices and bank statements), it normally takes between 7 to 14 days for the grant to be paid into your business bank account.

I can’t afford to buy all my equipment and then claim back my grant. What can I do?

To help with your cash flow we can offer up to 4 staged payments.

I need planning permission for my proposed project. Can I submit my application before my planning permission has been approved?

Yes - however, any element of your grant which is going to contribute towards works which require planning permission will not be paid until you are able to produce your planning approval.