Using a log burner in a smoke control area

Using a log burner in a smoke control area

As  the autumn leaves have start to fall and with winter fast approaching log burners will soon be up and running to soothe those cold finger-tips and toes along with a nice warm blanket and a lovely cuppa!

Chimney Log burners are a lovely way to keep nice and warm during the winter months but when using them it’s important to remember that Ashfield is situated within a Smoke Control Area (SCA) which means that any building with a chimney operated in a SCA is required to comply with certain conditions to prevent smoke emitting from your chimneys.

What must I do?

You must use ONLY authorised fuels and exempt appliances according to the Clean Air Act 1993.  

What if I don’t use the correct items?

The Local Authority regards it as an offence for solid fuels and any type of appliance to be used within the District and therefore you will be liable on summary conviction to a fine.

What if I am using the correct items but my neighbours are complaining about the smoke, would this constitute a statutory nuisance?

No, the Environmental Protection Act 1990 legislation deals specifically with statutory nuisances. However if you do receive any complaints from your neighbours your first point of call would be to contact your installers or manufacturers, as there may be a concern with the positioning.

If all else fails then you may wish to contact the Local Authority Planning and Building Control department on: 01623 457389 or 01623 457333

So how do I know what to buy?

If you’re planning to purchase any items, here you can find a list of certified fuels and appliances from the DEFRA website by clicking on the links below, which will give you an idea of what’s expected:

 Ok, I’ve installed the correct items, now what?

Nothing more, just ensure you check the manual(s) or call the manufacturer for guidance on relevant maintenance then all that’s left to do is to kick back, relax and enjoy the flames…….from a distance!