Safer Food Better Business pack - Food Safety Management System

Food Safety Management System

It has always been a requirement for owners of food businesses to think about what could go wrong in their business and decide what control measures and checks need to be in place to ensure that food is safe. However, since 2006 it has been a legal requirement to actually write down details of what you will do and what records you will keep to make sure your food is safe to eat.

Rather than small independent businesses having to produce this type of documentation themselves, the Food Standards Agency have produced a pack called Safer Food Better Business.

This pack will guide you through how to comply with this requirement as well as provide you with the necessary documentation. You simply work through the pack and tick boxes or write brief notes in various sections so as to indicate what you do to prevent your food from becoming unsafe. Every day the person in charge signs a diary within the pack to indicate that the safe methods were followed, and if necessary, makes a note of anything that went wrong and what was done about it.

The Safer Food Better Business pack and diary sheets can be downloaded and printed from the relevant section of the Food Standards Agency's website.