Earpiercing, Electrolysis, Acupuncture and Tattooists

The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 requires that the following types of skin piercing be registered with Ashfield District Council - Acupuncture, Ear-Piercing, Tattooing and Electrolysis.

If you carry on the business of ear-piercing, tattooing, electrolysis or acupuncture in the Ashfield District you must be registered with Ashfield District Council.  Registration is required for the premises, and, for any person that carries on the practice of ear-piercing, tattooing, electrolysis or acupuncture. 

Upon receipt of your application to register, a certificate of registration will be issued and this should be displayed on the premises. An officer from the council will visit the premises to ensure compliance with the requirements of both the Act and the local bylaws. 

To apply

To apply for a registration you must complete a registration form which can be downloaded or obtained from the Licensing Section on 01623 457589, and forward it with the appropriate fee to the council offices.

Online application

Will tacit consent apply?

Yes. For a new Earpiercing, Electrolysis and Tattooists registration application after forty working days, providing the authority has received application forms and relevant fees. Also required within the forty working days is a satisfactory inspection of the premise by a Environmental Health Officer. For renewal applications all relevant documents and must be supplied to the authority before the expiry date of the licence, after which a satisfactory inspection of the premise by a Environmental Health Officer will follow.

Apply for earpiercing, electrolysis, acupuncture, or tattooists registration

Apply to change an earpiercing, electrolysis, acupuncture or tattooists registration

What happens next?

Once your completed application form has been received with the appropriate fee, the Licensing Team will request that an inspection be carried out by an Environmental Health Officer (who will contact you to arrange the inspection).

A person registered under the above Act must keep a copy of the certificate of registration prominently displayed at the place where that practice or business is carried out.

We look forward to receiving your application, but should you have any queries, please contact The Licensing Team.