Hackney Carriage & Private Hire (Dual) Driver Licence


Taxi Drivers and Operators are playing a vital role in currently helping the public get to medical centres and food stores, and by transporting medical supplies and food supplies to those who need them most.

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To apply for a new Hackney Carriage & Private Hire (Dual) Driver Licence, or to renew your existing Licence you will need to contact the Licensing Team on 01623-457589 to book an appointment to submit your completed application and any necessary accompanying documents. 

Before applying for a licence or to renew an existing licence, please read our Hackney Carriage & Private Hire (Dual) Driver Licence Application Pack which will inform you as to the relevant application procedure that will be followed, and will explain to you precisely what you need to do in order to submit a complete and valid application.

When the Licensing Authority assesses the suitability of applicants and existing licence holders, it will have regard to our Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Licensing Policy, and our Policy on Warnings, Offences, Cautions & Convictions

The fees and charges applicable for a new applicant or for an existing driver to renew his/her Hackney Carriage & Private Hire (Dual) Driver Licence can be found here.

Application Appointments:

You will need to contact us to pre-book an appointment, as this allows us to ensure ample time to deal with an organised demand on our Service during the current Covid-19 situation, and for you to know that your application will be  processed during that “appointment slot” (we cover many other types of licensing, not just taxi licensing). To assist you:

All applications will need to be submitted in advance of the "appointment" electronically (licensing@ashfield.gov.uk), or submitted by post to the Licensing Team, or dropped in at the Council letterbox on the front of our main building in Kirkby in Ashfield.

All Applications MUST be submitted in full, and include copies of ALL of the necessary additional documents as detailed in each of the attached application packs. Incomplete applications will be automatically returned as VOID.

  • Drivers: New applicants / Renewal applications / Annual Background Check applications: The relevant application form must be completed in full, the necessary additional documents to carry out DVLA / DBS checks must be attached to the application (i.e. copy of Passport, DVLA licence, National Insurance, Right to Work in the UK, 2 proofs of current home address such as Bank Statement / Utility bill) and for new applications / renewal applications a photo of the person applying (a photo straight off a camera or mobile phone will suffice). The DBS Forms cannot be emailed through – this will need posting to us or dropped off at the Council letterbox – we can then tie them up with the electronically or posted driver applications and additional documentation, and certify them for forwarding to the DBS.

We have created some quick links (below) to the forms you need for completing your Driver Application:

  • DBS Certificates will need to be scanned and emailed to us. If a driver is on the DBS Update Service, he/she simply needs to state so when submitting his/her driver application and confirming his/her Certificate Number that is registered to the Update Service. 
  • Until further notice, the requirement for new drivers to sit and pass the Knowledge & Safeguarding Tests has been put on hold until further notice, however, once the Council Offices reopen, such drivers will be required to sit and pass these Tests before the first anniversary of the grant of their licence. 
  • Payments for licence fees / charges: All licence fees must be paid ONLINE and a receipt will be automatically emailed to you. For general administrative charges, a member of staff will be office based partially every other day to contact customers for their payments (Monday is the standard day we call those who had appointments during the previous week) – so please ensure that you are able to take our call for payment of the relevant fee/charge.

What happens after the Application Appointment?

Once you have submitted your application and paid the appropriate application fee, if you are a new applicant you will be given information as to when you will need to attend our next Local Knowledge Test and Safeguarding Vulnerable Passengers Test.

All applicants (new and those renewing an existing licence) are provided with information relating to what they must do when they receive their Enhanced DBS Disclosure, and how to join the DBS Update Service (as it is a condition of the licence to join the Update Service and maintain registration with the Update Service).

Once all of the above are complete, we are then able to determine whether or not you are a "fit and proper person" to be granted a licence.

For your information, the checks that we carry out are as follows:

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check

This involves a search of your individual criminal record to establish whether or not you are a safe person to drive members of the public, some of which may be vulnerable, elderly, or infirm. You are advised to read our Policy on Warnings, Offences, Cautions & Convictions when making your application, should you have been the subject of any matters that may affect your application. The Enhanced DBS Form is not available online, and as such will require posting to you for you to complete ahead of your appointment with the Licensing Officer.

If you have not lived for 5 consecutive years in the U.K. when making your application to us, you will need to obtain (at your own expense) a Certificate of Good Conduct / Police Check from your previous country / countries of residence.

Please note, that from 1st May 2018, that it is a requirement that all licence holders join the DBS Update Service and maintain their registration with the Update Service.

DVLA Check

This check is designed to give the Council an idea of your driving history. This is necessary to determine whether or not you are a safe driver and capable of driving a vehicle in the manner expected of a licensed driver. It is also used to confirm that an applicant has held a full driving licence for a period of at least twelve months. You are advised to read our Policy on Warnings, Offences, Cautions & Convictions when making your application, should you have been the subject of any matters that may affect your application

Medical Examination

To drive a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire vehicle you must be able to physically carry out the work required of a licensed driver. This may involve lifting heavy objects such as luggage and possibly people's wheelchairs. Certain medical conditions may mean that you are not capable of driving professionally and it is important that the Council know about such problems.

New Applicants must provide the Licensing Authority with the Group II Medical Report Form (certified by a Doctor / G.P. who has written permission to access your medical records). Existing licence holders must provide the Licensing Authority with a "self-certified" Medical Report Form. Both types of Medical Report Forms are contained within the online Hackney Carriage & Private Hire (Dual) Driver Licence Application Pack.

Existing licence holders must renew their Group II Medical Report when they reach the ages of 45, 50, 55, 60 and 65. An annual Group II Medical Report Form must be supplied from 65 years of age and older.

The Licensing Authority reserves the right to increase the frequency of the need for a licence holder to provide a Group II Medical Report Form should health issues be revealed that would necessitate such a requirement.

Local Authority Check

If you have been previously licensed with another local authority or had a drivers licence revoked or suspended then you must declare this on the application form. In this situation the Council will run a check to get an indication of your licensing history with other authorities.

Local Knowledge Test

This Test lasts 90 minutes, and consists of questions relating to the rules and regulations detailed within the Driver Application Pack, an assessment of your English Language skills (so as to ensure that if granted a licence your comprehension of the English Language is sufficient for you to promote excellent customer service, and to promote your own personal safety), and an assessment of your mathematic skills. Further details as to the Test can be found within the Pack, and you are permitted to use the Pack when sitting the Test.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Passengers Test

Having sat the Local Knowledge Test, you will then be required to participate in a short session regarding the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Passengers. The aim of this short session is to raise your awareness as to the "indicators of risk" that would enable you to identify a person who is at risk of abuse, neglect, trafficking, and to whom to raise your concerns. The session is presented by the Licensing Manager, and a Test is taken at the end of the session.

What happens next?

Assuming that no concerns are raised in relation to the results of your Enhanced DBS Check, your DVLA Check, and your Medical Check, and in the case of a new applicant that you have passed both the Local Knowledge and Safeguarding Tests, then your licence and badge will be posted to your home address. Licences are issued for a 3 year duration, or for a shorter period of time should such a need arise (i.e. limited period of Right to Work in the U.K.).

If relevant information comes to light during the application process (or during the term of the licence) that casts doubt on an applicants  suitability to be granted (or in the case of an existing licence holder, to continue to hold) a Hackney Carriage & Private Hire (Dual) Driver Licence, a Hearing will be convened, and the matter determined by the Service Director: Place & Communities.

Should such a Hearing be required, the applicant / licensee will be provided with a report detailing his / her case and the matter(s) that cause concern to the Licensing Authority, and a Notification detailing the time, date and location for the Hearing. 

Once your licence and badge have been issued, you need to understand what type of vehicle you can drive, and for whom the law allows you to work. Click here for further information.

Please contact the Licensing Team if you have any further questions.