Scrap Metal Licences

Anyone operating as a Scrap Metal Dealer is required to be licensed with the Local Authority. The dealing in scrap metal is controlled by the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came into force in October 2013. The new legislation requires that any persons collecting or buying scrap in the Ashfield District will need a Scrap Metal Dealer Licence.

There are two types of licence:

• A site licence - this will be required where a business is carried on as a scrap metal dealer at a premises. A site manager will be required to be named for each site. The licensee will then be permitted to operate from that site as a scrap metal dealer.

• A collector’s licence - this authorises the licensee to operate as a mobile collector in the area of the issuing local authority, permitting them to collect scrap metal as appropriate. This includes commercial as well as domestic scrap metal. If a mobile collector operates within more than one local authority’s district, a licence will be required for each authority that they operate in.

An application needs to be made for your licence and a fee will be payable. You will also need to submit a basic criminal record disclosure form and your Waste Carrier’s Licence as part of the application process. Anyone who carries out business as a scrap metal dealer without a licence may be liable on conviction to a maximum fine of £5,000.

The fees for Scrap Metal Dealer Applications can be found here.

Please note that these licences do not replace the Waste Carrier’s Licence. To deal  and collect scrap in the Ashfield District  you will be required to hold a licence issued by us and a Waste Carriers Licence that is issued by the Environment Agency.

How do I apply?

To apply you must complete an application form and return the form to the Licensing Team.

Application forms can be obtained by clicking on the links below:

Application Form 


Online application

Will Tacit Consent apply?

No. It is in the public interest that the authority must process your application before it can be granted.

Application to be licensed as a scrap metal dealer

We will need certain information before you can be licensed as a Scrap Metal Dealer:

  • Dealers full name 
  • Dealers address or if company the address of the registered office 
  • The address of all premises within the Council area that will be used as a scrap metal store

If any details change or you stop trading as a scrap metal dealer, you must inform the Council within 28 days.

What happens next?

Once the completed application form has been received with the fee, the Council will process the application. When processing an application, the Council will take into account all the details supplied by the applicant before a licensed is granted or refused.

Please contact us if you require any further assistance or information.



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