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Coronavirus business licensing information

Restrictions have been put in place across all of Nottinghamshire since 00:01 on 30 October 2020.

More information as to whether your business can remain open, should close, and what you can and cannot do can be found on the Gov.UK website.

The Regulations relating to Tier 3 Restrictions in Nottinghamshire can be found in the related document section of this web page. 

10pm closing time

All pubs, bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues (including Members Clubs) in England must have a 10pm closing time to help curb the spread of coronavirus (takeaways offering food delivery can continue providing a delivery service beyond 10pm). All venues are also restricted by law to table service only.

For venues where alcohol is sold or served for drinking 'off' the premises, you must not sell alcohol for 'take out' after 9pm.

The police have been granted powers to issue fines and take additional enforcement action to ensure venues promote the 2 metre social distancing requirements (reduced to 1 metre if steps are in place to reduce potential COVID-19 transmission (such as face masks, plastic screening, etc). As such, venues are strongly advised to take swift action if customers fail to respect the responsibilities placed on those running such premises.

There is more information on the new 10pm curfew on the BBC website. 

Rule of 6 - which businesses does this apply to?

Since 30 October 2020 household cannot mix with other households for any indoor settings, and the Rule of 6 applies to all outdoor settings, which means social gatherings of more than 6 people (irrespective of their ages) in Nottinghamshire will not be allowed in law.

Track and Trace in hospitality businesses

Hospitality venues must have put in place procedures to record customers details to support the NHS Track and Trace - it is now an offence of the licence holder or business proprietor not to do so. The details to be recorded are:

  • the name of the individual
  • a telephone number on which the individual may be contacted
  • an email address if the individual is unable to provide a telephone number
  • a postal address if the individual is unable to provide an email address
  • the date and time that the individual entered the relevant premises
  • where the individual is a member of a group seeking permission to enter relevant premises together, the number of people in that group (including any member of the group that has scanned a QR Code when seeking to enter the relevant premises).

The rule does not apply to schools and workplaces, to people living together or in the same support bubble, or to weddings, funerals and organised team sports.

The full list of exemptions also includes protests and political activities subject to 'strict risk assessments', jury service and providing emergency assistance.

People who gather in numbers of more than 6 and ignore the police could be fined £100 - doubling with each offence to a maximum of £3,200.

Government guidance to businesses

COVID-19: The full list of businesses that can be open as of now, and the Guidance applicable to each type of business to be COVID-19 Secure can be found here.

Guides for business during coronavirus

We have provided links below to further Advice, Support and Government Guidance that has been made available to assist your business: