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Bed occupancy sensor

A pressure sensor mat is placed under the mattress and will trigger the alarm if the person leaves their bed and doesn't return within a set time.

It helps to detect people who may have fallen going to the toilet or have become disoriented and left their bed in the middle of the night.

How does the bed occupancy sensor work?

The bed occupancy sensor mat has 5 pressure pads built into it in different positions across the mat to ensure accuracy. It is positioned between the mattress and the bed base and then 'zeroed' - similar to weighing scales - to ensure it recognises the weight of the user in addition to the weight of the mattress and covers.

We program the equipment, including time period to be active between, absence period before alarm is triggered and sensitivity of the mat.

If the user leaves the bed and does not return within the set time, a call is triggered to us and we will get in touch to assess the situation and arrange support if needed.

How the bed occupancy sensory helped Richard

Richard suffers from low blood pressure and has experienced dizziness getting up during the night to use the toilet.

One night he fell and banged his head against the landing wall. He stayed on the floor until the following afternoon when his daughter came to visit.

His daughter suggested a fall detector but after doing some research, Richard decided he wouldn’t want to wear it in bed in case he set it off by accident, but would probably forget to put it on if he got up during the night. While doing his research online, he saw the bed occupancy sensor and chose to enquire about it.

Richard’s bed occupancy sensor is discreet and gives him all the support he needs to stay independent. Thankfully, Richard has never triggered a call using the bed occupancy sensor but says he sleeps better knowing help would be summoned if he fell. Much more preferable than spending the night in pain on a cold floor should he have an accident!

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