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New Enterprise Programme - Workshop

Thursday 19 December (10:03 AM)

WHEN: 9th March 2020
TIME: 9.30am - 2.30pm
WHERE:  Summit Centre, Kirkby


The workshops are specifically designed with new start businesses in mind and intended to nurture and develop your strengths and skills. They will help you to break down the barriers, explore your business potential, learn to be more ambitious, enterprising and confident about taking your ideas forward.

Sizing up the Market

Winning and Keeping Customers will take participants through the market research process helping them to understand why it’s so important. It aims to help participants get to know their market and more importantly, to understand their competitors. This module also explains where to get information and which techniques to use and demonstrates how to use the findings to make informed decisions.

Pricing for Profit focuses on the important area of costing and pricing. It helps participants identify the types of costs they may incur in their business, explains the different methods of pricing and gives guidance in setting prices for products and services.

Managing your Finances looks at the key elements of running the money side of a business. It introduces the basic financial statements, shows how a profit and loss account and balance sheet are put together and explains cash flow statements. In short, it helps participants to understand enough of the detail to take control of their business.


Join other budding entrepreneurs like you on one of our free, local 3-day workshops delivered by the experts.

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