Ashfield District Council is not proposing to ban dogs from parks

Friday 7 December 2018 Ashfield District Council is not proposing to ban dogs from parks


At Full Council in October there was a motion for the Council to consider banning all dogs from Council owned football and sports pitches. The decision taken by Council was for further investigation into the issue.

The Council receives ongoing complaints of dog faeces being left on sports pitches by irresponsible owners, for those who then use the facility to clean up. Our investigations will explore this issue in more detail before coming to any conclusion.

Ashfield District Council is absolutely not proposing a general ban of dogs on Council owned Parks or open spaces. The information being delivered to local residents in leaflets is confusing. This has had an adverse impact on customer services and has in some cases led to a delay in answering other calls for service.

The Council is looking at all options to prevent dog fouling on sports pitches where children play, that is all. There will not be, nor has it ever been proposed, a ban for dogs from our parks. We are not targeting responsible dog owners, but committed to providing safe and clean recreational space for all residents to enjoy.

There is currently a Public Spaces Protection Order enabling enforcement action relating to a number of types of issues including:

  • dog fouling (faeces not being picked up)
  • not carrying a suitable receptacle to pick up dog faeces
  • maximum number of dogs on a lead
  • maximum number of dogs on a lead by direction   
  • dog exclusion areas for enclosed sports areas and enclosed children’s play areas on parks. 

The Council does not want to discourage responsible dog owners from using our beautiful award-winning parks across the District.