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Community crafts crocheted Christmas tree

Tuesday 3 December


A 12 foot crocheted Christmas tree has been installed outside the council offices in Kirkby.

The community Christmas tree is the idea of Claire Lilley, owner of the Artful Buttoner, and is made up of individually crocheted granny squares created by members of the community and the Kirkby Craft Bombers.

After Christmas, when the tree is taken down, the squares will be washed, dried and stitched together to create blankets which will be donated to the Beacon Project, a charity that provides support to homeless people, based in Mansfield.

Claire Lilley also organised the crocheted poppy downpour installation in 2018, which took pride of place on The Regent in Kirkby to mark the end of World War 1 Centenary celebrations and was reinstalled on Kirkby Plaza this year. 

Claire Lilley, owner of The Artful Buttoner, commented “I’m so proud of the amount of effort and community spirit that has gone in to making this another successful craft bombing project, it has been a pleasure to bring everyone together to create the Christmas tree. It is brilliant that we are able to support a local charity when the tree comes down so nothing from the project will go to waste.”

Theresa Hodgkinson, Director of Place and Communities at Ashfield District Council, said “It is absolutely fantastic that Claire and the Kirkby Craft Bombers have created such a wonderful feature for the community to enjoy. It is a fabulous addition to our Christmas festivities and represents the generous community spirit that exists in Ashfield.”