New Planters installed for Stanton Hill High Street

Friday 15 May 2020 New Planters installed for Stanton Hill High Street



New planters have been installed on the High Street in Stanton Hill following requests from ward Councillor Helen-Ann Smith to support the work of a local community group.

The Friends of Stanton Hill have been working proactively with the Council’s Environment team to see these features introduced. The group have also volunteered to take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of the planters.

The planters have been produced at very low cost having been manufactured from a recycled plastic composite that has been reused and repurposed.

The flowers within the planters will improve the look of the high street and can be enjoyed by people whilst out taking their exercise. The Council is committed to improving the look of its communities and making them places residents can be proud of.

Councillor Helen-Ann Smith, Deputy Leader and Ward Councillor for Stanton Hill and Teversal, said: “We’re pleased to be working with the community on environmental projects such as this and we’re looking forward to working with the Friends of Stanton Hill group on a number of initiatives going forward.

“The repurposed materials used to create these planters not only shows the ingenuity of our Environment team but is also environmentally friendly and keeps the costs down for the authority. The end result is a simple yet high impact display for the high street.

“Thank you again to the Friends group for their work already on this project and for volunteering to maintain it for the community.”