Partners Join Forces to Fight Fly-tipping

Monday 29 July 2019 Partners Join Forces to Fight Fly-tipping


Councils and partners in Nottinghamshire are joining forces to tackle environmental crime.

Branded as the Cleaner Nottinghamshire Group, representatives from across the county are sharing resources and intelligence to investigate fly tipping offences across borders.

Using a system provided by Nottinghamshire Police, agencies are able to share intelligence around illegal waste carriers, vehicles used in fly tipping offences and perpetrators of waste crime.

Fly tipping is a blight on Nottinghamshire’s beautiful landscape and many instances of this environmental crime are carried out by individuals operating as illegal waste carriers. Residents and businesses are urged to check that any company or individual they engage with to dispose of their waste is properly licenced.

Waste carrier’s licences can be checked on the Environment Agency website

Councillor Helen-Ann Smith, Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Streets, Parks and Town Centres said: “The Council is serious about its desire to tackle fly tipping in Ashfield. We have installed CCTV cameras and carried out a number of sting operations and targeted campaigns to catch perpetrators and let them know that fly tipping will not be tolerated.”

“Working with our partners across the County we are now able to share intelligence to catch and deal robustly with those who make a living from waste crime with targeted enforcement action.”

Fly tipping in England cost the tax payer £12.2m in 2018. Eradicating fly tipping in Ashfield would save the Council around £30k, which would enable the Council to expand on planned tree planting projects or invest in green technology based maintenance equipment. Both of these options support the Council’s commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing CO² emissions.   

The Cleaner Nottinghamshire Group is made up of all Nottinghamshire Local Authorities, Highways England, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the Environment Agency.