Train Station Plans out for consultation

Tuesday 24 March 2020 Train Station Plans out for consultation


Ashfield District Council is progressing exciting transport plans it has been working on for the last two years. 

The Council is now seeking public feedback on proposed new plans to reopen the disused Maid Marian Line.

The plans will allow the Kirkby and Sutton Parkway stations to benefit from the proposals which would see the line open to passenger trains.

As part of the plans, the two stations could receive significant upgrades, which would include improving accessibility. It is proposed that the railway line could link with the HS2 station at Toton, meaning travellers in Kirkby and Sutton could easily access the high speed route.

The Station Masterplans in particular:

  • Show how the potential improvements in and around the stations could be capitalised on to create enhanced places and better connectivity for local residents
  • Consider the sense of arrival at each of the station and identify sites for development around the stations, along with opportunities for public realm improvements
  • Provide a framework for future private and public investment in the areas around the stations.

Councillor Jason Zadrozny, Leader of Ashfield District Council said: “Re-opening the mineral line to passenger trains is very easy and is likely to cost very little for the huge benefits it would bring.  Improving the stations and their surrounding areas will help bring more people into Sutton and Kirkby, helping support local businesses and retailers.

“It is vitally important for the Council to promote and support the train station locations by taking a positive approach to their improvement. The Kirkby and Sutton Parkway Station Masterplans will be key documents in ensuring we fulfil our aspirations.

A public consultation on the Station Masterplans is now available until 5pm on Thursday 9th April 2020.

A copy of the document is available to view on the Ashfield District Council website at

Representations should preferably be submitted using the online representation form, to Ashfield District Council, Forward Planning Section.

The Forward Planning Team are happy to provide further information or assistance if required on telephone number 01623 457382 or via email at