Volunteers helping to build the lives of others in Ashfield

Thursday 31 October 2019 Volunteers helping to build the lives of others in Ashfield


Volunteers from around Ashfield are coming together with Ashfield Voluntary Action to help run the Ashfield Community Enterprise.

Ashfield Voluntary Action have recently received £12,000 in funding from Ashfield District Council’s Community Benefit Fund to allow them to continue to work with local voluntary groups, such as Ashfield Community Enterprise.

Ashfield Community Enterprise, based in Stanton Hill, is a completely volunteer-run programme to help people with mental health issues and disabilities gain confidence and develop skills in woodwork and joinery. They make use of unwanted pallets by turning them into pieces of furniture, which are then sold and the revenue is re-invested back into the programme.

The enterprise has service users, who suffer with mental health or disabilities and have been referred from AVA. When they have completed the course they have the opportunity to return as volunteers to train the next generation.

Cllr Jason Zadrozny, Leader of Ashfield District Council, said: “Ashfield Community Enterprise is a programme that we can be proud of as a community. The work that they are doing runs much deeper than teaching practical skills, they are giving confidence and passing along valuable social skills onto the people that use this programme.”

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone who wants to be involved. Whether you struggle with mental health, confidence, or just lack the skills you need to get into the workplace. You can come and volunteer your time, meet new people and make a positive contribution to the community.”

“We are committed to supporting our communities and are very proud of the work that Ashfield Community Enterprise have done so far. We cannot wait to see what they can achieve in the future.”

The Community Enterprise is open to anybody who wants to volunteer, whilst learning joinery and woodworking. Please contact AVA on 01623 555551 for more information.