Waste & Environment Update

Friday 27 March 2020 Waste & Environment Update

Our Waste and Environment Teams are working tirelessly and continue to deliver services in these extremely difficult circumstances.

The teams are going above and beyond to empty all household and street litter bins and keep the District looking clean and tidy.

We face ongoing challenges with staff resource and we ask for your help so we can continue to deliver our waste services. We would appreciate it if you:

• Place only clean, dry recyclables in your green lidded bin recycling bin - if we have to cease collections in the future this will ensure your bin doesn’t attract vermin.

• Try to minimise waste in your red lidded bin - whilst we appreciate more of you are at home please avoid having clear outs or putting garden waste in your general waste bin.

• Don’t put your household or trade waste in litter bins.

We will continue with waste collections for as long as possible. Following these few simple rules will make a huge difference to our teams.

Our front line staff are extremely grateful for your kind messages and gestures and continue to go above and beyond to ensure your waste is collected for as long as possible.