What happens on Election Day?

Thursday 12 December 2019 What happens on Election Day?

Both leading up to an election and on Election Day itself, the Elections team at Ashfield District Council work around the clock to ensure casting your vote is as easy as possible.

The General Election takes place on Thursday 12th December, find out what happens on a local level here in Ashfield to reach the declaration of the results.

Approximately 400 staff are recruited in the run-up to an election including around 100 count staff and over 250 polling staff.

In the weeks before the big day, a team of staff are also recruited to open, organise and check up to 17,500 postal votes that have been issued to residents.

Polling staff cover the 64 different polling stations in the Ashfield district opening their doors at 7am and closing at 10pm.

Following the closure of polling stations, ballot boxes are then taken to the counting venue where verification begins. This is to check that each box contains the correct number of votes.

Once verified, the count begins and continues into the early hours of the morning until the result are declared. The results are then immediately published.

Ruth Dennis, Returning Officer and Director of Legal & Governance appreciates the hard work of the Elections team and all the staff involved.

She said: “It has been brilliant to see such a fantastic response from everyone working on the two elections. We have a small but very dedicated team of officers who have worked very hard in order to meet the deadlines. This small team has been able to call on the help of other council staff and lots of local people who we recruit as poll staff or counting staff. It’s a really big team effort from everyone. As officers of the Council we value and support a strong local and national democracy and a well organised reliable and transparent election process is essential to that.”

“I would like to put on record my thanks to the Elections team and all the staff involved for their continued efforts to make polling day run smoothly for everyone in Ashfield District.”