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Abuse And Safeguarding

Ashfield District Council is committed to protecting and supporting our most vulnerable residents within the Ashfield area.


What is safeguarding?

The term safeguarding is used to define actions taken to protect vulnerable groups from harm. This harm might come from adults or other children.


Safeguarding Children

A Child is defined as anyone under the age of 18. Therefore, safeguarding children is about protection all those under 18 from harm.

Safeguarding a child involves

  • Protect them from abuse, maltreatment and exploitation.
  • Prevent anything from harming their health or development.
  • Ensure they can grow up under safe and effective care
  • Take action to ensure they have the best outcomes in life.

 If you have a concern regarding a child, please click here.


Safeguarding Adults

A vulnerable adult is defined as a person who, for any reason, may be unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation. Safeguarding vulnerable adults involves reducing or preventing the risk of significant harm from neglect or abuse, while also supporting people to maintain control of their own lives.

Safeguarding a vulnerable adult involves:

  • Ensure they can live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.
  • Empower them by encouraging them to make their own decisions and provide informed consent.
  • Prevent the risk of abuse or neglect, and stop it from occurring.
  • Promote their well-being and take their views, wishes, feelings and beliefs into account.

If you have a concern regarding an adult, please click here.