Covid 19 Information Page

Ashfield District Council’s Community Safety Team may have limitations when investigating your complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour and Nuisance during the corona-virus pandemic and ask you to be mindful of this when reporting matters to us.

We recognise that everyone is going to be experiencing difficulties and stresses because of the lockdown, with many residents being confined to their home and garden. We acknowledge this may increase sensitivity, however these measures are essential to reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and protect resident’s health and reduce pressure on the National Health Service.

We understand this will mean some of you will be seeing and hearing more of your neighbours than you are used to and in some circumstances this may lead to frustration and annoyance.

We require all residents to consider this and think about how noise and activities from your home could be affecting your neighbours or others within the community. With this in mind, we would urge you to be more tolerant and patient with certain types of noise that you may not be used to hearing as there is a real need for us all to show good will and gesture at this time.

Taking this into consideration, If you still feel effected about a problem or issue you are experiencing and wish to report Anti-Social or Nuisance Behaviour to us, you can contact the Community Safety Triage Team on 01623 457345 for further assistance.

Below is some specific advice on things you can do to help avoid creating a nuisance or annoyance for your neighbours -