Sound from TV, Music and Gaming Equipment

We ask you to avoid playing music or having your television on loud so it does not disrupt your neighbours. Please consider your neighbours throughout the lockdown and consider positioning speakers away from adjoining walls, floors and ceilings were possible. For those living in adjoining properties, flats or apartments we also ask you to consider using headphone or standing equipment on insulating material which should help reduce the transmission of sound.

We also receive complaints about loud music being played in gardens and we advise you to keep music/noise to a minimum or avoid this activity completely if is likely to cause a problem to your neighbours, again we would ask you to consider using headphones as a way of listening to music in the garden.

It is a common misconception that you are permitted to play music as much and as loudly as you like between the hours of 7am and 11pm. This is completely wrong and the law is clear that a statutory nuisance can occur at any time of the day. Our officers are trained to assess this and may take further action if the noise is deemed excessive.