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Protecting myself

Leaving an abusive or violent relationship

It’s easy to believe that your abuser is going to change and that the abuse will stop.  In reality the abuse will just continue to get worse and happen more frequently. This is because they tell you this, you care for them and want them to change, you are scared to leave them, have no money and nowhere to go or because you have children together/ are pregnant.

Who can help?

It is important to remember that you are NOT to blame!

Support services offer advice on planning to leave a relationship, re locating, legal advice, outreach support for families to help come to terms with the experiences and adjust to a new life, they also provide a volunteer service to foster pets whilst relocating.

In an emergency always contact the police – 999.

Safety Planning – Protecting Yourself

 A personal safety plan is a way of helping you to protect yourself and your children. The plan is to help you put in safety measure for you, in advance, for the possibility of any future violence or abuse. It helps you to increase your own personal safety, within or out of the relationship.

You are not responsible for stopping the abuse and violence from your partner. These steps and measure are just what you can put in place, to best protect yourself and your children, or to further add to what steps you may already be taking to protect you all.

 For further information and steps you can take to put a safety plan together visit the link below:


In an emergency always contact the police – 999.