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Ashfield Community Development Group – Community Groups Made Easy - Ashfield District Council

These advice leaflets have been compiled by Ashfield Community Development Group (ACDG), which is a network of statutory and voluntary organisations who work together locally on community and voluntary sector issues.

Whether you are thinking about setting up a group, or are involved with a long-established group, these leaflets are for you!

Setting up and running a group is great but, at times, it can get a bit confusing and complicated, and things can sometimes go wrong.

But it doesn’t have to be hard and you’re not on your own. There are plenty of organisations that can help you. For details of ACDG members offering support, please refer to the Community Contacts leaflet “i”.

These simple leaflets help you through the basics of setting up and running a group. There are other leaflets that deal with specific topics and details of support organisations. For details of the other leaflets in the series, please refer to the Index leaflet “0”.