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Finding a Home in Ashfield

Ashfield is a great place to live, whether you're looking at buying or renting. There is a mix of housing available no matter what your circumstances. Here you can find out more information about finding a place to live in Ashfield.

Ashfield and Mansfield Homefinder
This is a Choice Based Lettings scheme which allows registered applicants to 'bid' on advertised properties that are available to rent throughout both areas, increasing choice and fairness for people applying for housing.

Housing Associations
Other Housing Associations also known as Registered Providers, also have housing within Ashfield and Mansfield of all types and sizes to suit your needs. The Housing Association information page lists the organisations that have accommodation in this area.

Homes Exchange Scheme
If you are an existing tenant of Ashfield District Council, a housing association or another council, and you wish to move, you may be able to exchange homes with another tenant, even if they are not with the same landlord as you under the Homeswappeer Scheme. Go to Homeswapper Home Scheme to find out more.

Private Renting 
Renting a home from a private landlord is often the fastest way to find a place to live. Properties are advertised in the local press and through estate agents. You will often be asked to pay a deposit as well as the first months rent. To find out how your deposit is protected visit the Gov.uk website. You may also be eligible to apply for the rent deposit bond guarantee scheme that is run by the Housing Options and Homelessness Team at Ashfield District Council.

There is a variety of estate and lettings agents in Ashfield to cater for every budget. Use the links below to find your most appropriate and best home in Ashfield.