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Homeless watch 2015

Nottinghamshire Homeless Watch 2015

Headline Findings

About the Homeless Watch Survey

Homeless Watch Nottinghamshire is a snapshot survey of homelessness carried out in the same two week period every year.  Agencies in both the statutory and voluntary/community sectors complete a questionnaire with every homeless person they see in the survey period.  The survey defines a homeless person as any person sleeping rough, sleeping somewhere not designed for habitation (e.g. in a vehicle, or squatting), living in insecure accommodation where they may have to leave within 28 days, or living in a state of dispossession (i.e they cannot have their belongings in the same place where they sleep).  It does not include people living in hostels or other temporary accommodation.

2015 is the 12th consecutive year the Homeless Watch survey has been carried out.  The questions and format of the survey have remained consistent since 2005 which allows trends over time to be analysed.  It should be noted that significant reductions in capacity and closure of some street level advice services, such as Connexions, Refugee Action and Emergency accommodation for Women will have impacted on the presentations and consequent data for this survey, and no double also how people seek to manage their homelessness.