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When does the full housing duty end?

The duty to provide you with temporary accommodation will not go on forever.

 The accommodation will be withdrawn if any of the following events occur:

  • your immigration status changes so you are no longer eligible;
  • you become intentionally homeless from accommodation provided to you (e.g. you deliberately fail to pay your rent);
  • you refuse an offer of different temporary accommodation because the council wants to move you. The council must inform you about the consequences of refusing it;
  • you accept or refuse (without good reason) a written offer of suitable housing from the council’s waiting list;
  • you accept an offer of a suitable fully assured tenancy from a private landlord;
  • you accept or refuse (without good reason) an offer of a suitable assured shorthold tenancy with a private landlord with a fixed term of one year or more;
  • you decide to move out of the temporary accommodation provided to you by the council (e.g. you decide to make your own long-term arrangements).