Housing Strategy and Research

Ashfield District Council is committed to improving housing and housing services. On this page will you find copies of strategies that help us plan improvements to our service, and help make Ashfield a better place to live. The team is responsible for responding to consultation on new housing policies from central government and drafting any new policies needed locally.

Strategic Housing Services

The Housing Strategy 2016 – 20 was approved in October 2016 following a consultation exercise and stakeholder event.  Appendix 2 of the Housing Strategy contains a 2 year Action Plan for Housing based on the 6 Priority Themes that will be delivered by the Council in conjunction with partner agencies. 

To view a full version of the Housing Strategy 2016 – 2020 click HERE 

To view the Housing Strategy Action Plan 2018-20 click HERE 


Affordable Housing Delivery Stratgy 2019-2021

This is Ashfield District Council’s first Affordable Housing Delivery Strategy and it aims to:
- Identify the scale of demand and supply of affordable housing in Ashfield district
- Maximise delivery of affordable homes by the Council on Council land
- Maximise the delivery of affordable homes by housing associations and private
developers in the district


Private Sector Renewal Strategy 2019-2021

The private sector (owner occupier and private rented sector properties) make up 84% of the total housing stock in the district. Local authorities have a number of legal obligations and powers regarding the condition of private sector homes (including caravan residents), including a range of new measures that have been introduced during 2018. A report modelling the condition of private sector homes in Ashfield was prepared by the Building Research Establishment, which identified that between 16-19% of homes have a Category 1 hazard under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

In recognition of this, this Strategy has been created to address the number of non-Decent homes in the sector, the number of empty homes, the health and wellbeing of private residents and the health, safety and welfare of caravan residents. This Strategy is one of 4 strategies that underpin the Council’s Housing Strategy and tackle the key issues required to deliver the Council’s housing vision.

This Strategy is supported by the Private Sector Renewal Policy that describes that assistance available from the Council to improve private sector housing conditions. 


Strategic Tenancy Strategy

The Strategic Tenancy Strategy provides guidance that the Council encourages all social housing providers operating within the district to follow when they provide tenancies to applicants. Linked to this tenancy strategy is the Homefinder Lettings Policy that sets out the rules for letting social provider properties in the Ashfield and Mansfield districts.


Housing Research

One of our strategic housing responsibilities is to assess and plan for the housing needs of local people across all tenures, and to do this we carry out and commission research to inform our future plans and strategies. Some research we commission jointly with neighbouring authorities or county wide as this gives good value for money, and larger studies often can give us more confidence in the results. 

View Ashfield District Council’s Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 Report

During 2018, we worked alongside Gedling, Rushcliffe and Broxtowe Borough Councils to commission a review of the housing options for young people, read the report here

The Local Government Association made the following reports available in 2019

- Understanding Local Housing Markets Data - Ashfield

- The value and type of properties sold in Ashfield in 2018

- The location and type of all properties sold in Ashfield in 2018