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Papplewick Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Papplewick Parish Council - Application for a Neighbourhood Plan Area extending into the District of Ashfield.

An application for a neighbourhood plan area was submitted by Papplewick Parish Council.  The application was a joint application to Ashfield District Council and Gedling Borough Council.  This reflected that the proposed neighbourhood plan area was defined by the Parish Council as the whole of the civil parish of Papplewick (falling within the Borough of Gedling) and that part of Ashfield District which lies between Papplewick Lane (in the north), Moor Road (in the east), The Calverton Railway (in the south) and the River Leen (in the west) – mainly comprising those residential properties with access to Moor Road.

The Council has determined that the application submitted by Papplewick Parish Council for a neighbourhood plan: Papplewick, dated 1st April 2016 is not a valid application.  This reflects that:

  • Papplewick Parish Council is authorised to act in relation to the whole or any part of the area of the Parish Council (Section 61F[1] ).
  • The Parish Council can include other parished areas with the consent of the parish council covering that area (Section 61F[2] ). 
  • The area submitted as part of the neighbourhood plan area in Ashfield is not covered by a civic parish.  Therefore, it fails to meet the requirement of Section 61F(2). 

Therefore, Papplewick Parish Council is not a qualifying body to exercise the power to designate a neighbourhood area for that part of the proposed neighbourhood area which extending into the District of Ashfield.