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Welcome to Planning these pages provide information on all aspects of planning activities at Ashfield District Council.

You can search for a planning application, submit comments on an application and view property history in our mapping section.  In January 2015 Planning Minister published a 'plain English' guide to the planning system, this can be found here.


For help with submitting your planning application or general enquiries about planning procedures, the Planning Support team can assist. Email the team at planning.admin@ashfield.gov.uk



For general enquiries regarding pre-application advice, on the need for planning permission, planning applications, planning permissions, Tree Preservation Orders or Heritage please contact the Duty Planner.  

Call us on:  Duty Planner 01623 457388.


For enquires regard the current Local Plan, planning policies, the emerging Local Plan or Neighbourhood Plans please contact the Council’s Forward Planning Section.

Call us on: Forward Planning 01623 457381.



All comments made in regards to a planning application are placed on the council's website and are open to public inspection. Please note that planning application files are a public document and in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct any letters submitted in respect of a proposal will become available for inspection by any interested persons, including members of the public and the applicant.   You are asked not to sign your representation. Your comments are published in full this includes your name and address. We only redact the following personal contact details signatures, telephone numbers and emails addresses.  All other information will be published unless clearly requested at the beginning of your correspondence.  Please ensure your comments do not contain any personal details or defamatory remarks.