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Pre-Application Advice

Ashfield District Council welcomes the opportunity to have planning pre-application discussion as it offers an opportunity to guide development positively and highlight areas for improvements. Early intervention can save time and money later on.  

The service is currently primarily used by agents/companies and occasionally householders.

Whilst it is appreciated the economic climate is currently difficult, Section 93 of the Local Government Act 2003, allows Local Planning Authorities to charge for offering a service of planning pre-application advice.  From May 2013 fees were introduced for the processing of a pre-application.  This is in line with neighbouring Nottinghamshire authorities.  The type of information that will be provided in any response is set out in the Fees and Service Level Document.  The case officer will make every effort to process your pre-application enquiry within 28 working days.

You can pay for your pre-application submission here and email your covering letter and supporting documents

planning.admin@ashfield.gov.uk .

 With regards to householder development proposals there is a £48 fee for pre-application requests for the likelihood of obtaining planning permission.  £40 of this fee will be off-set against the cost of a future planning application.

As per formal planning applications, no fee for pre-application advice for disabled applicants is required, subject to relevant documentation being provided.

 Householder Development

The Planning department offers a free Planning Questionnaire which will determine whether or not you require planning permission or building regulations for your proposal. 

You may wish to consult the Supplementary Planning Guidance Note on Residential Extensions for further guidance.

Major and Other Developments

For major and other developments it is important to discuss your proposals at an early stage. We will consult with internal and external agencies on your behalf so you are advised to submit as much relevant information as possible.

You may wish to consult our Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes.