What is the council doing about it?

Energy is a major expense for the Council, and as such is continuously monitored and scrutinised to identify potential issues and opportunities for savings.  Energy efficiency is a fast moving field and new technologies are continuously being developed.  The energy market is also evolving fast, with upward pressure on prices due to changes in network charges.  This means the Council needs to maintain its vigilance in energy use to protect its limited financial resources, and keep abreast of any potential ‘spend to save’ initiatives.

These are some of our achievements and activities to date:

  • Solar Thermal panels on the roof of the Council Offices producing hot water which is used in the building
  • Solar Photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Council Offices, Byron Business Centre, Acacia Avenue Community Centre and six Ashfield Homes Courts to reduce the amount of purchased electricity and generate income from the ‘Feed in Tariff’
  • Wood pellet boilers at Sherwood and Titchfield Courts, directly displacing fossil fuel heating systems with renewable energy, and generating income from the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’
  • Daily monitoring of the previous days energy graphs at key sites to identify any potential issues and opportunities
  • Careful ‘fine tuning’ of Building Management Systems to ensure heating and hot water is only on when absolutely needed
  • Printers used by staff are now defaulted to double-sided printing and energy saving modes.  Access to colour printing has been restricted and staff have to swipe their ID cards to generate hard copy, reducing wasted print runs
  • Upgrade to energy efficient LED office lighting and lighting controls which dim the lights when natural light allows
  • Replacement of old boilers with energy efficient condensing gas boilers at main Ashfield District Councils Offices