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Background Papers

Background Papers named in Cabinet and Delegated Decision reports are available to download below.

For further information contact the Democratic Services Team:

Tel: 01623 457316 or 457317

Email: democratic.services@ashfield.gov.uk


 Date  Decision Taker  Documents  Access
 19/02/2018  Cabinet  Peer Challenge Report - March 2017  Download
 26/07/2017  Delegated Decision - Portfolio Holder    Heritage Lottery Fund - Permission   Download
 22/09/2016   Cabinet (Ashfield Publication of Local Plan)   ALP Publication Plan 2016  Download
     ALP Appendix 3 - Development Briefs  Download
     Policies Map - North  Download
     Policies Map - South  Download
     Site Selection Technical Paper  Download  
     Regulation 18 Consultation Document  Download
     Local Development Scheme  Download
     Whole Plan Viability Assessment  Download
 07/01/2016  Cabinet (Stock Options Appraisal)  VFM Report  Download
     Stock Options Review - Phase 1    Download
     Soft Market Testing - Report  Download
     Soft Market Testing - Appendices  Download
 07/01/2016  Cabinet (Local Plan Preferred Approach)  Main Document  Download
     Draft Sustainability Appraisal  Download
     Appendix 1  Download
     Appendix 2  Download
     Appendix 3  Download
     Appendix 4  Download
     Appendix 5  Download
     Policies Map - North  Download
     Policies Map - South  Download
     Statement of Community Involvement  Download
     Equality Impact Assessment  Download
     Site Selection Technical Paper  Download
 09/07/2015  Cabinet (Sutton Conservation Area)  Consultation Report  Download
     Historic England - Designations  Download
     Conservation Plan  Download


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