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Committee structures and Reports

Committee Structures and Reports

The Council at its Annual General Meeting decides:

  • What Committees it will establish for the following municipal year;
  • The terms of reference for each of those Committees;
  • Which Member will chair the Committees;
  • Which Members will sit on each of the Committees.

Committee Structure:


  • Constitution
  • Policy Framework
  • Sets Budget

Executive (Cabinet)

  • Implements Policy Framework & Budget

Non-Executive – Regulatory Committees

  • Licensing
  • Planning
  • Audit
  • Standards
  • Charities

Overview & Scrutiny

  • Holds Cabinet to account
  • Formulates and reviews policy for recommendation to Cabinet/Council


The Council holds current and archived agendas, reports and minutes which can be searched using the modern.gov report management system on the intranet/internet.

Committee structures and Reports (external link to ModGov)