Consultation on Change of Electoral Area Names

Section 59 of Local Government and Public Involvement Act 2007 allows a local authority to change the name of an electoral area by resolution passed at a specially convened meeting for that purpose.

The resolution must be passed by a majority of at least two thirds of the members voting on it. The local authority must not pass the resolution unless it has taken reasonable steps to consult.

Upon making an order, notice must be given to official bodies such as the Electoral Commission (EC) and the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, and others named in the legislation.

The name change does not take effect until the EC has received notice. Upon changing the name, it would be necessary to time it to incorporate into the publication of the revised register on 1 December each year.

The Council is consulting on the following changes to Ward Names:

Existing Name                                            Proposed Name

Central & New Cross                                   Sutton Central & New Cross

Jacksdale                                                      Jacksdale & Westwood

Summit                                                          Greenwood & Summit

St Mary’s                                                       Sutton St Mary’s

The consultation runs from 18 August – 15 September 2020. Comments can be made by emailing or via the following link:



A specially convened meeting will be held on 1 October 2020 to consider changes and consultation responses.