Elections unit charter

What you can expect from us:

  • We will undertake an annual delivery of Household Enquiry Forms to each residential property each year to find out who is living at the address.
  • On 1 December each year we will publish a full register of electors of the district which will be used for elections held in the following 12 months and an open register, which is available for sale.
  • We will make available a copy of the published register of electors for inspection during office hours.
  • We will ensure that all applications for inclusion in the register receive a response letter.
  • We will ensure that those electors who are unable to vote in person are given the opportunity of voting by other means.
  • We will inform electors of polling arrangements at least one week before the deadline for applications for absent votes to be made.
  • We will make available a large print copy of ballot papers at polling stations.

How you can help us:

To enable us to maintain accuracy of our records please ensure that your Household Enquiry Form is returned promptly including any changes to occupancy.

If you move house during the year please notify us as soon as possible.

If for any reason you feel we have not complied with this standard please let us know by contacting The Elections Unit on 01623 457321 or emailing regelec@ashfield.gov.uk