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Parliamentary Results 2015

Below are the latest results for the Parliamentary Elections covering Ashfield District Council which took place on 7th May.


 Name  Party  Votes  Elected
 Simon Paul ASHCROFT  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  10,150  
 Mike BUCHANAN  Justice for Men & Boys  153  
 Gloria DE PIERO  Labour Party  19,448  Elected
 Helen Jane HARRISON  Conservative Party  10,628  
 Philip Ashley SMITH  Liberal Democrats  7,030  
 Eligible Electorate  77,091    
 Votes Cast  47,654    
 Rejected Papers  209    
 Voter Turnout  61.82%    



 Name  Party  Votes  Elected
 Sally CHADD  UK Independence Party (UKIP)   7,399  
 Lydia Rowan DAVIES-BRIGHT  Green Party  1,108  
 Leonie Frances MATHERS  Labour Party  18,186  
 Daniel Nicholas MOSLEY  Liberal Democrats  1,094  
 David PERKINS  Class War  78  
 Mark Steven SPENCER  Conservative Party  22,833  Elected
 Eligible Electorate      
 Votes Cast      
 Rejected Papers      
 Voter Turnout  69.1%