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Carol Cooper-Smith dressed in protective clothing

Pest Control Team gear up for peak wasp season

Ashfield District Council’s pest control team are once again gearing up for a busy wasp season this summer.

Every year the pest control service carries out over 400 wasp treatments in the Ashfield and Mansfield areas, with over 250 of these coming in July and August.

In anticipation of this, Ashfield District Council Chief Executive Carol Cooper-Smith recently joined the team to learn the ropes.

Following her busy morning with the team, Carol said: “Wasps can be a real menace; getting rid of them is a difficult job and needs to be done using an expert. 

“Our Pest Control team has all of the proper equipment needed to get rid of pests and their customer care is excellent.  They have loads of information and advice to offer to people to prevent reoccurrences and will always go the extra mile to help our customers.”

The team are Which Trusted Traders and are also available to book in the Mansfield area.

A single spray treatment is usually sufficient to control wasp nests. Once a treatment has been made it is advised not to go near to the nest for several hours after the treatment.

Bees are endangered and have many benefits to our environment as pollinators. Our team prefers not to treat bees and will only do so if there is no other alternative. It is recommended that you contact a bee keeper to remove bees in the first instance.

The team offers a comprehensive, discreet and professional service with very reasonable prices. If you have a pest problem or would like to know more about our prevention or control services please contact us for a quote or to arrange a visit.

You can do so by calling 0800 183 8484 or by emailing

More information is available at