Electronic Billing

Council Tax and Business Rates

What are the benefits of e-billing?

  • You receive your bill as soon as it is available
  • You will always know where your bill is
  • It saves paper so it is better for the environment
  • It saves printing and postage costs which is ultimately passed on to Ashfield’s residents and businesses
  • You still have the option to download and print the bill if you want to
  • It is free to use.  Your future Council Tax or Business Rates bills will be sent in electronic form to OpenAshfield and you will be sent an email notifying you there is a bill for you to view.

Changes to your e-billing

You will need to inform us if you change your email address.

Cancel my e-billing

If at any point you decide that you no longer wish to receive your demand electronically and that you want to receive it through the post, you can let us know by emailing revenuesclerical@ashfield.gov.uk or calling 01623 457400.

Please note: in the unlikely event that we are unable to collect an instalment or we need to send a reminder or take other similar action, we will write to you by post, not electronically.

To register please click on the OpenAshfield link here: