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Bedbugs, fleas and cockroaches

We can help you identify the pest in your home or garden and advise on how to prevent or treat infestations.


The adult bedbug is an oval insect roughly 5mm long by 3mm broad. 

Bedbugs do not fly, so they must crawl or be transported in clothing, luggage, books, or furniture. Most infestations are found in the bedroom. 

They will hide anywhere which is dark during daylight hours. This is usually close to where you sleep. This could be in the bed frame, mattress, bedside furniture, skirting boards or wallpaper. 

Bedbugs feed on blood and they can survive for a long period of time without feeding. If the bedbug has not recently fed it is very flattened and red-brown in colour. Once it has fed, it changes to a dark mahogany colour and becomes more rounded.

Treatments for bedbugs

Our treatment for bedbugs starts at £170 for Ashfield residents. You can pay online for pest control appointments

The most common form of treatment for rooms affected by bedbugs is a spray and/or fogging machine. 

Our treatment method consists of 2 treatments at your home to the bedbug infested rooms. The insecticides that we use work on all stages of the bedbugs lifecycle to eliminate them and are very effective.

We will also advise how you can prevent any further re-infestations.


The adult flea is 2mm to 7mm long and reddish brown in colour. Fleas have relatively large hind legs, which are used for jumping. Their thin bodies mean they can move quickly through hair or fur. 

The most common species are the cat and dog flea. Human fleas are very rare. 

Fleas may be found in carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding. Flea season usually peaks in the autumn. 

Treatment for fleas

Our treatment for fleas starts at £93 for Ashfield residents. You can pay online for pest control appointments.


There are two types of cockroach found in this country. They are quite large insects, which can be distinguished by their size and colour. 

  • Oriental cockroach: the larger of the two types in the adult form. They are dark brown in colour and 20mm to 24mm long
  • German cockroach: sometimes known as the steam fly. They are yellowish brown in colour, with two dark marks on their thorax, and 10mm to 15mm long. 

Cockroaches can be found in all types of buildings from blocks of flats to industrial premises. They are common in kitchen areas. They are nocturnal and spend the day hiding in cracks and crevices around such areas as sinks, drains, cookers, skirting boards, service ducts and behind fridges.

Treatments for cockroaches

Our treatment for cockroaches starts at £93 for Ashfield residents. You can pay online for pest control appointments

A variety of measures are employed to control cockroach infestations, including sprays, fogging and the use of pheromone traps and lures to capture the insects.