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Request a premises licence review

A responsible body or interested party can call for a review of a premises licence if they are concerned. 

They should be able to link their concerns to one of the four licence objectives: 

  • prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • prevention of public nuisance
  • protection of children from harm. 

Before requesting a review we ask anyone with concerns to speak with us so we can advise and take any necessary action. We will keep your concerns in confidence. 

If you still want to go to a review after this you can apply to us. A review cannot be requested anonymously and we'll make sure we don't think the request is frivolous, vexatious, or a repeat. 

How to call for a review

You will need to download the application form from this page, complete it and return it to us. There is no charge for this. 

You can return the form by email to or by post to: 

Licensing Team
Ashfield District Council
Council Offices
Urban Road
NG17 8DA.

What happens when we carry out a review

If the the application is valid, the Licensing Authority must advertise requests for a Review of a licence or certificate.

This will be done by:

  • displaying a notice at the premises that is subject to the review
  • displaying a notice at our offices for 28 consecutive days starting the day after the application is received
  • displaying a notice on our website. 

Responsible bodies and interested parties are expected to give their view within the 28 day period. At the end of this there will be a hearing unless all agree it is not needed. 

There may be a hearing to discuss the findings of the review. We will then make a decision. This might be: 

  • decide that no action is needed
  • modify or add conditions to the licence
  • exclude a licensable activity from the licence
  • remove the Designated Premises Supervisor
  • suspend the licence for a period (not exceeding 3 months)
  • revoke the licence. 

If no decision can be reached at the review hearing there are 5 days in which to make a decision and notify all parties. 

Appealing a review decision

If anyone is unhappy with the decision made they can appeal this at a magistrate's court. 

Other ways to contact us about a premises licence

If you have questions about the licence or review process you can contact us by: