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Electrical safety in your home

Electricity needs to be taken seriously. By misusing electrical goods or completing DIY wiring, you can place yourself and members of your household at risk of electrical shock or worse, death.

Electrical safety at home


You should not carry out any DIY wiring as mistakes made can lead to electrical parts overheating, causing fires, shocks and even death. Wiring should only ever be undertaken by a qualified electrician.


Do not overload sockets by plugging too many devices into one socket and over-using extension leads as this can lead to overheating and fires.

Electrical goods

You should buy and use reputable electrical goods from well known retailers. Some electrical goods can be dangerous if they don't have all the necessary checks as some unknown manufacturers may supply goods that don't pass the British Standards as required in the UK. 

Electrical items should be inspected before you use them to check they are suitable to use and don't have any issues such as exposed wires, damage or burn marks.

Electrical appliances that have been in use should not be left unattended or switched on, or alternatively transformers should be unplugged to make sure appliances don't overheat.

Electrical installation changes

You will need to obtain permission to alter the electrical installation in your home from us before you arrange to have any changes made by a qualified electrician. If we grant you permission to make the changes, you must provide us with the relevant paperwork in line with current electrical standards at the time of the installation, from an accredited competent electrical engineer.

Electrical inspections

You must allow us to make regular electrical inspections of your home, if it is a council owned property.  This allows us to adhere to rules and laws and to make sure your home is safe.

When we visit your home to check the electrics, we will send a qualified, competent electrician who will undertake a Periodic Electrical Inspection. This will require access to all the sockets and light fittings in your home. We will carry out any necessary repairs or remedial work at the time of our visit.

Energy saving

To find out easy ways to save money on your electric bills, the Government have put together some handy tips in their Help for Households website: