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Selective Licensing scheme guide

Selective Licensing for private rented homes

Selective Licensing comes into effect for private rented homes in designated parts of Stanton Hill and Sutton Central (New Cross) on 25 July 2022. By that date all landlords with homes in the designated areas should have applied for a licence.

The guide below provides you with information about the schemes including how to apply, the licence fee, licensing conditions and what landlord and tenants can expect to receive from the Council.

If you have questions that are not answered through the Guide please contact the Selective Licensing Team.

Guide sections

The sections of the guide are available on separate webpages:

Further information and to contact us

The legislation and regulatory requirements relating to selective licensing schemes and information relating to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System can be found within the Housing Act 2004.

If you have any further questions regarding the Selective Licensing Schemes and in particular about the application process for landlords and property owners please contact our Selective Licensing Team: