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Help to manage your home

We will help new tenants settle in their home and support existing tenants who are struggling to sustain their tenancy. We will give priority to:

  • first time tenants
  • tenants under the age of 21
  • tenants who are at risk of eviction
  • tenants with mental health issues
  • older tenants
  • tenants who are overcrowding or under occupying their property.

Tenancy Sustainment Service

Are you looking for support in helping to manage your tenancy or your home?

Our Tenancy Sustainment Service is designed to help tenants to manage their tenancy effectively.

We are here to help you through any tenancy related problems you may be having, or you may have a tenancy for the first time and are not sure what to do. They aim to give you the information, advice and skills you need to live independently and maintain your tenancy.

We can help you with:

  • budgeting and money management
  • benefit advice and help with forms
  • tenancy related advice including rent arrears and nuisance issues
  • arranging for utilities (gas and electricity) to be connected
  • advice on managing and maintaining your tenancy/home
  • signposting to other agencies as appropriate.

If you are a tenant of Ashfield District Council and need support: