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Our residents have told us that a nice environment, clean streets and well maintained parks and open spaces matters to them.

Our teams are out 7 days a week to make sure the area in which we live is kept clean and safe. Sometimes though problems do happen and you can report these to us. 

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour you may find the help you need in the community safety section of this website. 

Muck spreading

This is part and parcel of living in the countryside as the process of 'spreading' is a key factor in successful farming.

Unfortunately the weather and positions of fields and crops dictate when farmers can spread. This often coincides with warmer days when people have windows open or are enjoying their gardens. The odours usually last for a short period of time and farmers are encouraged to use best practice whilst spreading muck in their fields.

Agricultural odours in a country location are not likely to be investigated unless they are excessive and are identified to be as a result of bad agricultural practices.