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Community safety customer satisfaction survey



Your contact with the Community Safety Team
You will find this on any written correspondence we have sent to you.
1. How easy was it to contact the Council about your Community Safety issue?

2. How did you make contact with the Council?

3. Were you satisfied with the information provided by staff on your first contact with the community safety team?

4. Was the investigating officer dealing with your case helpful?

5. Did the investigating officer keep you informed about the progress of your case?

6. Was the outcome of your case and decisions taken explained to you before your case was closed?

7. Do you feel safer in your neighbourhood and/or has your situation improved as a result of the action taken?

8. Do you feel confident to report matters relating to Anti-Social Behaviour or Environmental Crime to the council in future?

Name, address, telephone number or email
Equality monitoring questions
What best describes your gender?

What is your ethnic background?

What is your sexual orientation?

Do you have a religion or belief?

Do you have an impairment, health condition or learning difference that has a substantial or long-term impact on your ability to carry out day to day activities?

Please confirm your current housing status:

Data consent
Consent for storing submitted data