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Local Heritage Assets

Local heritage assets are those identified by us that are not statutorily designated, such as Listed Buildings which are designated by English Heritage.

Local heritage assets help build a sense of local identity and distinctiveness, a sense of history, place and belonging, and the designation of a site as a Local Heritage Asset is in itself a material consideration for planning decisions.

How and when are local heritage assets identified?

Local heritage assets are likely to be identified by us in several different ways:

  • by nomination from a local heritage group, Parish Council or from interested members of the public. Nominations for inclusion on the Local Heritage Asset List can be made at any time and should be made using the Nomination Form, a copy of which can be downloaded or can be collected from one of the main council offices in Kirkby, and Sutton 
  • in Local Character Studies, such as a Conservation Area Appraisal, where a site may be identified close to the Conservation Area, but not in the Conservation area itself. Buildings within a Conservation Area are already designated heritage assets
  • on the Historic Environment Record (more commonly known as the HER) which is held and updated by Nottinghamshire County Council. The HER identifies several types of heritage assets, both designated (for example Listed Buildings) and non-designated (for example Local Heritage Assets).  The HER should always be consulted before any application is made that is likely to affect a heritage asset
  • at a pre-planning application or application stage, it may emerge that a site affected by a proposal meets the criteria for identification as a local heritage asset. If this is the case, the developer/agent will be informed and be required to produce a Heritage Statement at the application stage

Use the map below to see assets accepted or nominated in the Local Heritage list for Ashfield.