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How to look after your home and garden

Looking after your home

Applying for permission to carry out alterations

As a secure tenant you have the right to improve your home as long as you get written permission from us first. If you are an introductory tenant your rights are restricted.

A written request may either be in a letter format or by an email addressed to your Housing Officer. Once the request has been received we will write to you within 28 days with our decision.

A home visit may be necessary to discuss your request in detail. If permission is not granted, the reasons for this will be documented in the decision letter. It is important to note that if you have rent arrears, permission may be refused.

You must not start work until we have given you written permission and all work must be carried out by a competent person. Gas fittings must be carried out by an installer who is 'Gas Safe Registered' (formerly CORGI). Electrical work must be carried out by registered NICEIC installers.

Reporting repairs

You must report any repairs or damage to us as soon as possible. You can do it through the tenant portal or request a repair online.

Property condition and damage

It is your responsibility to clean your property and to ensure this is kept to a good standard. This includes decorating your property and not causing damage.

You can find out more about what to do about damage and when you are responsible for repairs here. 

Planning permission

Work affecting the outside of your home may also need planning permission or Building Regulation Approval from us. This includes satellite dishes on flats. We would not allow externally insulated and rendered properties to have any item fitted to them.

Where possible we will advise you approval is required. You are responsible for applying for any approval.  

There is more information about home and garden improvements we can carry out here. 

Looking after your garden

Maintenance of gardens is your responsibility. When you sign for your home, if your home has a garden, you will be advised which parts of your garden you are responsible for.

Gardens should be kept clear of rubbish and kept to an acceptable condition at all times, including keeping grass short and trees or hedges on your boundary at a reasonable height.

You must get our permission for any alterations to the garden before you carry out the work, including fish ponds, erections of garden sheds, external lighting, or paving.

Contact us about alterations

You can contact us about alterations by: