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Street naming and numbering

We assign addresses (street names and property numbers) to new build developments. We can also amend addresses where there is a problem. Street names and numbers help the postal and emergency services.

You can apply online for:

  • street naming and numbering of new properties and developments
  • amending street names or numbers of existing properties
  • naming a house or amending a house name.

There is no charge for assigning street names and numbers to new properties. Amendments to street names or numbers are charged for. You can pay online by debit or credit card through our ePayment system. 

When we have received your application we will contact you within 3 working days to arrange payment. You can find the link to make a payment for your application further on in this web page. 

Apply for street names or numbers

For large sites with multiple plots we require a plan to be submitted with the request form. All plans must include the following:

  • total number of plots
  • proposed street name
  • types of property
  • for flats include number of storeys and flats per storey
  • door access to street
  • site boundary
  • access road
  • north arrow
  • plot numbers. 

You can also apply by email by downloading and completing the forms from the related documents section of this web page. Completed forms should be returned by: 

Pay for street naming and numbering

If you want us to notify third parties of the details we do charge. You can find details of our fees, including the price increase from 1 April 2021, in the fees documents in the related documents section of this web page. 

You can pay online through our online payment system using a debit or credit card. 

Please note:
Local Authorities are the only people who can amend your address (with the exception of Royal Mail, who can amend a property's postcode). There may be private companies that claim to be able to process the request for you. It is more cost effective and efficient to contact your Local Authority directly, rather than using a third-party organisation to make the changes for you.

Pay for street naming


Postcodes are issued by the Post Office once we request this from them. 

Commercial properties are assigned postcodes in the same way as residential premises or a business can apply directly for a large use code. 

Contact us about street naming and numbering

You can also contact us to apply for street names or property numbering by: