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hand on wheelchair wheel with words Disability Confident Employer and Mindful Employer

Diversity and inclusion

We recognise and value the people as our greatest asset and our People Strategy details how we attract, retain and develop within each respective area.

It also drives cultural and organisational change, leadership, talent management along with continuous development of both the people and the organisation. Linked to the objectives set down in our Corporate Plan and Transformation Programmes, it identifies the people management implications and makes it clear that all employees are vital to the delivery of improving services for local communities.

To be effective, the People Strategy cannot operate in isolation. It needs to reflect external influences such as the Local Government Pay and Workforce Strategy, national employment negotiations and trends in the market place.

The People Strategy is an integral part of our performance management framework. It provides the link between valuing and developing people, with improving and developing services and enabling local leadership.

Our People Strategy

You can find the full People Strategy in the related documents section of this web page. 

What does it mean for the communities of Ashfield?

Our People Strategy ensures that we deploy the right number of trained, skilled and motivated people to deliver high quality services within the community.

What does it mean for employees?

It clearly demonstrates we are committed to our employees and their ongoing development.

As an employee, linking your own development to the development of your role and service will ensure that you contribute to the achievement of the objectives within the People Strategy. As these are linked directly to the Corporate Plan and Transformation Programmes your contribution will enable us to achieve our objectives.

How is the Strategy’s contribution assessed?

Central to the People Strategy is an action plan for each council that includes milestones with measurable targets which are monitored on a quarterly basis by corporate management and embedded within the performance management framework.

This is done with service plans and employee personal development review (PDR) process which embed the Competencies and Values of the organisation.